Cities for Actors

Major cities for Actors

Los Angeles. Los Angeles has one of the most active film industries. It also includes music recording and music videos production, theater, television, and commercials. It is a popular destination for people interested in becoming actors in Film or TV.

New York. New York City has an active film industry that also includes theater, television, and commercials.

Miami. Miami is one of the main film center in the United-States after New York and Los Angeles.

Vancouver. Vancouver has an active film industry that also includes video games, television, theater and commercials. It is often called HollyNorth due to the large amount of American production present in the city.

Toronto. Toronto has an active film industry that also includes television, theater and commercials. It is one of the center point for Canadian productions but also for American production shot in Canada.

Montreal. Montreal has an active film industry that also includes music videos, television, theater and commercials. It’s where most of the French-Canadian content is being produce in Canada but also where many American production go for shooting.

London. London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom and one of the main center for the industry in the UK. Its industries include Film, TV, Music etc.

Dubai. Dubai is a rapidly growing city within the world of filmmaking due to large investment in the industry’s development. Dubai has an active film industry that also includes music, film, television, and commercials.


Highest employment concentrations in US

California – 15,870

New York – 7,280

Florida – 3,150

New Mexico – 2,000

Massachusetts – 1,370

District of Columbia – 560


Employment information is based on numbers.

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