Film Resume

A CV is a document used to showcase previous work experience, qualification and skillset when applying for a position.

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Making a film resumeSending a Film ResumeFormatting a Film Resume

Making a film resume. Film resumes are composed of different section highlighting different aspect of the applicant’s experience. Sections can include the header, work experience, training and references.


Sending a film resume. Like most resumes, a film resume can be sent by email, fax and mail or dropped in person. Different options can require different adjustments in the sending process.


Formatting a film resume. There are different ways to format a resume but also different things to take under consideration. Things such as font size, font type, paper size and the size of the resume can be customize to fit someone’s resume.

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  1. Vikash says:

    Great tips Julie. You definitely want to make a wow efcfet as soon as someone starts reading your resume. I am overseas and held a mock interview to 2nd year college students, and we also gave instruction on writing an efcfetive resume. Will bookmark your site and come back for more tips I can pass on to the students I talked to prior. Thanks for sharingDean C recently posted..

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