Did You Know...
... that the Cost of film school can be influenced by it's location ?
... that there are Script Supervising Workshops?
... that some Film Universities are considered to be more academic oriented?
... that Genny Operators generally need a License to operate a generator?
... that the Cannes Film Festival is a A-List Festival?
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Editing Programs

Information about Editing Programs in film school, including the Benefits, Alternatives and Job Opportunities out of Editing Programs and more…

Factors Affecting Cost of Workshop Programs

Different factors come together to determine the cost of a program.

References in an Armorer resume

Previous employer interested in testifying to someone’s ability, skills or reliability when applying for a new job.

Job Opportunities out of Directing Programs

Information about the different work opportunities available to film directing students after they graduate from their film school program, include film industry and non-film industry related work.

University Acting Programs

Information about Acting Programs in universities, including the Benefits, Alternatives, Job Opportunities and more..

Job Opportunities out of Location Workshops

Information about the different job opportunities for Location Workshops graduates within and outside the film industry..

Material for Film Festival Applications

Breakdown of different possible material and documents required within a submission to a film festival including posters, synopsis, headshot and more..

Education in a Boom Operator resume

The compilation of the previous educational background as well as the different training, abilities and skills obtained.

Teaching Methods in Film School

Each film school might choose to teach their students in a particular manner, for the student’s benefit.

Calculating a Monthly Film School Budget

Budgeting monthly lets you see exactly what and where there will be expenses and what income you’ll have, making finance management more precision.